• B. Korschak, Madison, Wisconsin

    We wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for your assistance and the quality of your ice cream for my daughter’s wedding.  We live in Madison, Wisconsin.  My daughter wanted the ice cream slices for her wedding dinner dessert along with wedding cake.  We ordered for this and additional for snack time during the reception with a table of toppings.  They were a great hit with the wedding party and guests!  And, the logistics with ordering and transporting out of state to us was handled professionally and without issue.  We were able to have a unique addition to the wedding and to enjoy quality ice cream. Thank you!

  • K. Gainsley, Dunnellon, Florida

    Today I got home from work with a package at my front door!!! It was from “My Home” …Findlay Ohio I have a few favorite places…Grandma’s house, and Dietsch Brothers!! So thank you for the extra love and care you gave my package to get all the way to Florida and if you see my Wonderful Grandma Marylee in there, please give her a Huge hug from me!!! Thank you, thank you!! You have sent me a piece of home and the finest sweets anywhere!!!

  • P. Drysdale, Arana Hills, Queensland

    G’day Dietsch Bros.  Very impressive nutty chocolates and creams. Friends of ours from Kenton Ohio sent a great 1/2 lb box to us and some of our other friends here in Queensland, Australia.  It was their way of giving us a taste of their beloved Ohio.  I tell you what, it worked. Yum!

  • Jim & Mary, Findlay, Ohio

    Thank you for being the best chocolate and ice cream place in the world. We are moving to Florida, and one of the things we will miss the most is Dietsch’s

  • L. Gerhart, Largo, Florida

    I just had a customer in my office, originally from Findlay, who told me about your chocolates. I loved reading the story about your history,…..You have a great website and thank you for showing me the selection and the testimonials.

  • Larissa in Texas

    I grew up in Findlay and just moved to Texas for school. I have yet to find a store that has ice cream or chocolate as good as yours. I miss your products SO much. My first stop when I come back this summer to visit will be Dietsch’s!

  • Barbara , Hawaii

    I grew up in rural Findlay , and remember my aunt and uncle often taking my sisters and me–as little girls–to Dietsch’s for your tasty ice cream treats. I have since lived in other parts of the U.S. and abroad, tasting many other ice creams and candies. But Dietsch’s is the best. I enjoy your ice cream and candies whenever I get back to Findlay . My favorites—the dark chocolate-covered pretzels—still find their way to my far-away home at Christmas time. Thanks for your professional staff and their service and for taking the care to keep your quality products ones I delight in recommending to friends.

  • M. Minch, Columbus, Ohio

    Dietsch’s is a very special place in Findlay. The first time my husband ever tried ice cream it was here. And we brought our young daughter here last year for her to try ice cream for the first time. Which of course she loved. I love the chocolate covered pretzels. And I have my mother-in-law, Jane, to thank for putting a box under the Christmas tree for me every year.

  • B. Whitta, Findlay

    While I was on vacation in Harbor Springs, MI recently, I stopped by Petoskey (MI) to get my hair cut. The woman cutting hair in the chair next to me was saying how much she loved Dietsch’s chocolate covered pretzels….it caught me off guard to be five hours north of Findlay and hear them talk about Dietsch’s! I ended up having a twenty minute conversation with her about the things we loved from your store..haha.

  • C. Schemrich, Ohio

    I, generally, do not like milk chocolate, but my friend brought me a bag of your Half Milk and Half White pretzels. They were delicious!!!! I immediately looked to see if you had a website where I could order more. This is undoubtedly the best chocolate I’ve found.

  • E. Rachwitz, Michigan

    My company is based in Michigan , but we have a plant in Ohio . A co-worker told me about your delicious chocolate years ago, and I (and other co-workers) stop by regularly. I especially LOVE your dark chocolate pretzels! Love them so much that I used your chocolate-covered pretzels as my wedding favor (with a note saying ‘thanks for helping us tie the knot’). There wasn’t a single favor left at the end of the night (and you know there are always piles of Jordan almonds or candles left normally, right?). I love Dietschs!

  • Mindy

    I have a new found friend from the Findlay area, she said she has grown up on your ice creams and candies. She bought me a 4 piece box of sugar free chocolate for my recent birthday, I LOVED THE peanut butter one. Not many “mom and pop” owned candy stores think of us diabetics,but thanks to you, I found one. She said she was coming up on Saturday, I am giving her a list for some chocolate with peanut butter “Heaven” bites!!!!!!!!! Thanks Again

  • S. Nigh

    Just wanted to drop a line and say how much we appreciated you excellent service in preparing are candy gift baskets, towers, etc.. We received a lot of comments on how nice they were and I was especially impressed on how expedient the service was getting our order ready at the last minute before I was told it would be ready, this certainly made my job of delivering them all a lot easier. Give a big THANKS to Janet and her staff for that. See ya again next year!

  • A. McGuire, Nebraska

    I was recently visiting my sister and her family in Findlay, Ohio and they took me to your shops. I found them to be clean, quaint and had very friendly staff. I bought some candy to bring back to work and they are a memory now. They all enjoyed them very much. I enjoyed visiting your fine city and most of all your shops. Keep up the great work and chocolate.

  • Janet, New York

    I recently reunited with my high school sweetheart who currently lives in Ohio. I live in New York. For the holidays he sent me a box of your All Dark Chocolates and it was fabulous!!!! As a dark chocolate connoisseur I felt the need to contact you and tell you how much I enjoyed your chocolates. Living near New York City I have access to some of the best chocolates in the world but your chocolates are better than anything I have tasted lately.

  • A. Dawn , New York City

    This morning I received a box from an artist who is in Ohio. Along with her beautiful art glass pieces, was a box of your chocolate covered pretzels. Normally, unless I am familiar with the maker, or company, I do not consume edibles from strangers. However, I looked your company up online and liked the way you present your business. SO, I opened the shrink wrap, took a sniff of the contents and then took a DEEP inhale of the fresh and sweet smell! I tasted one, and I must tell you that I have never had a chocolate covered pretzel this good in my entire life, and I have tried quite a few!! (even designer candies) Yours are not too soft, not too hard, not too sweet, not too salty… they please my palette! It was a delight to discover your business, and I look forward to making purchases of other confections, and telling the family that I have who live in Ohio about your company (although they might already know of you). I will be bragging to many people and telling of how fresh, and flavorful and lightly salted your pretzel candies are. What a happy discovery!

  • N. Calderon, Southfield, Michigan

    I wanted to express to you how happy I was with our order of 150 boxes of chocolate covered pretzels during the holidays and the recent order that we placed. The service I have received on both occasions was top-notch. In the sales field myself; I know how difficult it can be to please customers, which is why I find it critical to applaud those individuals that stand out from the rest. We thank you for your service and look forward to ordering from you in the future.

  • S. Day

    Just wanted you to know I was in your store several times this past week as I was in Findlay for a death in the family. I was raised there but had not been back in over 30 years. I was not disappointed as it tasted the same as it did back then. I used to go there every day on Main Cross when I went to Findlay High School. Thanks for making it a great experience. My daughter was there too and now she is hooked.

  • Br. Francis Wagner, O.S.B.

    I used to work at Dietsch’s (1982-1984) when I was in high school (Liberty-Benton), and still have many fond memories. Now, I am a Benedictine monk at Saint Meinrad Archabbey in Saint Meinrad, Indiana. The monks here are quite fond of Dietsch’s dark chocolate-covered pretzels! After I arrived in 2006, many here have come to associate Findlay with Dietsch’s because of me. Anytime a family member or friend visits and asks if they can bring anything, I usually ask for nothing but dark chocolate-covered pretzels. I don’t get back to Findlay often, but when I do, I usually buy several boxes to take back with me (while eating a strawberry ice cream cone, another weakness of mine). I break out the pretzels for special occasions with my brother monks, but I must confess holding back more than a few for myself! In any event, I just thought I’d pass on that whenever I serve them up (they never last long), many monks ask about Dietsch’s, and they’re always interested in hearing about what a treasure Findlay has! God bless

  • R. Davis, Cincinnati, Ohio

    I live in Cincinnati and my wife and I and our daughter recently visited my son who lives and works in Findlay. He took us to your store on Tiffin Ave. I have to tell you that I have never had ice cream quite like yours before. I had two scoops sooo big that I didn’t think that I would eat it all. I did and I didn’t feel fool. I could have had more but for fear of felling like a pig I didn’t. Anyway, the ice cream is so dense and thick you have to actually chew it to swallow it. I’ve never had anything like it before. My wife and I just looked at each other as we sat there trying to eat it the way we do in Cincinnati, which is when you take a bite it melts in your mouth and there’s no need to chew. The taste exceeds anything I’ve tasted before. What a great product! Now when I’m in Findlay I know where to go for the best ice cream around. As for the candy… It’s every bit as good or maybe better than Grater’s here in Cincinnati and maybe a little less costly.

  • S. Kerr, Dublin, Ohio

    When I visit my grandparents in Findlay, Ohio, one stop on our list every time is Dietsch’s. I love all the delicacies including toffees, milkshakes, ice cream, crunch bars, malts, mint chocolates and regular chocolates. My favorite of your treats, chocolate pretzels, are something I mention every time I talk about candy.

  • K. Houston, Orlando, Florida

    Thank you so much for sending me my candy. I didn’t expect to have it wrapped also. That saved me from doing it and it will certainly make me buy candy for next year. My grandmother lived in Findlay her whole life and was a regular customer. We have moved to FL now. The extra TLC brings your regular customers back. Have a nice holiday and keep up the good work.

  • A. Deck, Ft Wayne, IN

    A true treat! I live in Fort Wayne, Indiana, but conduct business in Findlay. A couple years ago some co-workers gave me Dietsch Brothers milk chocolate covered pretzels as part of a Christmas basket and we absolutely fell in love with this delicious product! Now, they honor me with these wonderful treats every time we have a special function in Findlay, bless their heart! I am a true fan!

  • B. Ward, Pasco, Washington

    My husband Tom, grew up in Findlay and his parents, now deceased, sent him a box of milk chocolate butter creams for Christmas, every year. Knowing that he does not share very well, they included some of your snowballs so the grandkids and I would be able to share in his “Dietsch Bros.” experience. Now I purchase those same chocolates for Christmas and his June birthday. We were “home” for his 50th class reunion in 2009 and enjoyed your ice cream and chocolates every day that we were in Findlay. On our trip there I discovered that my mother-in-law’s family name started out as Dietsch in Germany. Fun! I just knew that there had to be some kind of connection, because he LOVES THAT CHOCOLATE, and it just had to be in his DNA!

  • C. Mathias, Boise, ID

    All 4 of my brothers worked at the Dietsch Brothers store on West Main Cross, so you could say, we were raised on it all! I have been away from Findlay for over 23 years, but ALWAYS make the trek to Dietsch’s when I come home. I love that we can get it online and make it a staple in our Easter baskets every year. I have never tasted a Chocolate Soda, Banana Split, Rocky Road ice cream, Chocolate Covered Pretzels, or a Caramel Cashew Sundae anywhere as good as what Dietsch’s makes!

  • The Hurleys

    We recently made a trip from Georgia to Ontario and planned our stops according to a Kids Love I-75 book. This was one of many highlighted features in Ohio, but our entire family agreed it was our favorite stop of the trip. The ice cream was delicious and very reasonably priced for a family of five. The chocolates and candies were out of this world – we enjoyed them all the way home! And best of all, the people who work at Dietsch Brothers Main Store were some of the friendliest we have ever met. Thanks for making our trip a great one!