A. Dawn , New York City

This morning I received a box from an artist who is in Ohio. Along with her beautiful art glass pieces, was a box of your chocolate covered pretzels. Normally, unless I am familiar with the maker, or company, I do not consume edibles from strangers. However, I looked your company up online and liked the way you present your business. SO, I opened the shrink wrap, took a sniff of the contents and then took a DEEP inhale of the fresh and sweet smell! I tasted one, and I must tell you that I have never had a chocolate covered pretzel this good in my entire life, and I have tried quite a few!! (even designer candies) Yours are not too soft, not too hard, not too sweet, not too salty… they please my palette! It was a delight to discover your business, and I look forward to making purchases of other confections, and telling the family that I have who live in Ohio about your company (although they might already know of you). I will be bragging to many people and telling of how fresh, and flavorful and lightly salted your pretzel candies are. What a happy discovery!