seasonal features

At certain times of the year we feature these special seasonal candy products:

  • Fall - Caramel Apples

FALL – For three or four weeks in October and early November we produce delicious caramel apples. These giant apples are coated with the same caramel that we use in our hand wrapped caramels. You can purchase these fall treats with or without crushed nuts on them.

Caramel Apples 0005;Caramel Apples 102

WINTER – During the months of November and December we feature our famous peanut and coconut brittles. Each batch is hand-made by the Brothers, and is packaged and sealed the same day it’s produced to ensure maximum freshness. Our brittle makes a great gift item for everyone on your holiday list.


VALENTINES DAY – Each year we continue a long standing tradition of packaging our fine chocolates in beautiful heart shaped boxes for that special someone. Besides a large collection of feminine style boxes, we also carry masculine and children themed boxes – something to suit everyone’s taste. We also have heart boxes to fit everyone’s budget ranging from small two ounce boxes up to our large seven to eight pound box.

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EASTER – Another seasonal favorite is our chocolate Easter molds that we sell each year. The variety of milk, dark and white molds we carry includes several traditional molds such as bunnies, lambs, ducks and crosses. We also have several non-traditional molds such as dinosaurs, Volkswagons and alligators. Our molds range in size from .10 lb. up to 4 lbs. We also pour a giant three foot solid chocolate bunny that weigh about 70 lbs. to put on display at our store.

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SPRING/SUMMER – In late spring over twenty varieties of Salt Water Taffy returns to our stores for the summer months. Another beat the heat treat is our Kettle Popped Caramel Corn. We carry four varieties year round – Plain, with Almonds and with Redskin Peanuts in 1/4 lb. and .40 lb. bags and 2 1/2 lb. tins (during Christmas time). We also now carry Chicago Style popcorn!
_DSC0723 Large Web view Taffy-Buckets