dessert menu ideas

If you are looking for a few sweet ideas to add to your next dessert menu, consider these options:

  • Stencil-in-process
    Stenciled Ice Cream Slices

    Ice Cream Slices* – These easy-to-serve slices are the perfect dessert item for your next function. Each bag comes with eight individually wrapped slices of vanilla ice cream and can be prepared three different ways:

    • Plain – Our basic vanilla slices are always popular for any occasion.
    • Stenciled – Each slice can be hand stenciled in a variety of pastel colors for many special occasions.
    • Flavored Centers – These slices feature a holiday center throughout the slice such as a Christmas Tree (Mint) and Holiday Bell (Strawberry). Plain slices are $5.50 per bag and Stenciled and Flavored slices are $6.25 per bag of eight.
    • Nut Rolls – These vanilla slices are hand rolled in cashews or pecans , are wrapped individually and are $9.25 each. They can also be purchased with the flavored centers during the appropriate holiday seasons.
  • Cookie-Dough-Ice-Cream-Cake
    Cookie Dough Ice Cream Cake

    Cakes* & Pies* – A fun twist on traditional cake and ice cream is our line of ice cream cakes and pies. Both items come with a either a graham cracker or chocolate cookie crust and are filled with a variety of our most popular ice cream flavors such as Buckeye, Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream. The pies are $9.75 and small cakes are $12.00. These two serve approximately eight to ten people. The large pies are $27.00 and serve 16-20 people.

  • Punch & Nuts – Available in red, pink, orange, yellow and green, our punch comes ready-made* or in frozen concentrate form and each gallon makes 25- 5 oz. servings. Our nuts are all roasted on-site and we offer a wide selection of peanuts, cashews, deluxe mixed nuts, etc. in decorative bags and acetates.
  • Candy TraysAdd some chocolate to your next party with one of our custom chocolate trays.  Let us know how many people you are serving or how much you would like to spend and we can put together a tray of our most popular items or a tray of all your favorites.  Call Janet Kinn at 419-422-4486 for more information.
    Party Tray

*All items with asterisk need to be pre-ordered to ensure availability.  We do not ship large amounts of our ice cream out of state nor do we wholesale any of our ice cream items.