– These easy-to-serve items are the perfect dessert item for your next function. We do not accept large out-of-state or corporate orders for slices. Manufacturing these is a small batch process and therefore only available for wedding receptions, smaller parties, etc.  Each bag comes with eight individually wrapped slices of vanilla ice cream and can be prepared three different ways:

PLAIN – Our basic vanilla slices without stenciling or flavored centers are always popular for any occasion. We carry these on-hand at both of our stores so you can stop in and pick them up anytime. Each bag of eight slices is $5.50.

STENCILED* – Each slice can be hand stenciled in a variety of pastel colors for many special occasions. Stencil options include: wedding bells, baby booties, stork, Happy Birthday, 25th, 50th, lily, umbrella, wreath, Merry Christmas, boy and girl graduate. The cost is $6.25 per bag of eight slices and should be ordered in advance.  Slices are only available for pick up.


FLAVORED CENTERS – These slices feature a holiday center throughout the slice. The flavored center options include: Bell (Strawberry), Christmas Tree (Mint), Turkey (Chocolate), Heart (Strawberry), Shamrock (Mint), Rabbit (Chocolate), Pumpkin (Orange). The cost is $6.25 per bag of eight slices. To ensure that we don’t run out of these before you stop in, placing an order for these slices is encouraged.

NUT ROLLS* – These popular items are available year round and also can be purchased with the same flavored centers that are available in the regular ice cream slices during the appropriate holiday season. These slices are wrapped individually and are hand rolled in cashews or pecans – the choice is yours.  Each roll is $9.25. Placing an order for these rolls is required.

NUTTY CONES, ICE CREAM BARS & SANDWICHES – Our nutty cones are a customer favorite year after year! The cones as well as the ice cream bars are hand made at both of our stores. We not only use our own vanilla ice cream but have developed our own chocolate coating for them and use freshly roasted nuts on the nutty cones. The ice cream sandwiches are hand dipped daily to ensure freshness. The nutty cones are $2.25 each or $26.40 for 12, ice cream bars (plain or crunch) are $1.95 or $22.80 for 12, and ice cream sandwiches are $1.95 or $22.80 for 12.

nutty-bars Dunking-of-bars

BOXES OF SUNDAES AND ICE CREAM BALLS* – The variety these pre-made boxes offer, make them a hit at every function. The box of sundaes includes nine single serve cups of vanilla ice cream with nine different toppings including hot fudge, marshmallow, caramel, strawberry, etc. The four flavor box of ice cream balls includes four dips of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and butter pecan. Our assorted box of dips includes sixteen individual dips of our most popular ice cream flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, chocolate chip, peanut butter, cherry vanilla, lime sherbet, lemon custard, maple nut, black raspberry, etc. The boxes of nine sundaes are $12.95 and the boxes of sixteen ice cream balls are $13.95. Both of these items can be ordered with your favorite selection of ice cream and/or toppings.

Cookie-Dough-Ice-Cream-CakePIES – In 2008 we began making a limited collection of ice cream pies. The pies come with either a chocolate cookie crust and are filled with a variety of our most popular ice cream flavors such as Buckeye, Mint Chocolate Chip and Moose Tracks. Each pie is decorated on top, serves approximately eight people and are $9.75 a piece.

CAKES – In 2009 we introduced our line of ice cream cakes. The cakes come with a chocolate cookie crust and are filled with a variety of our most popular ice cream flavors such as Buckeye, Cookie Dough, Mint Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Cream. Seasonal ice cream cakes are also available upon request and some cakes feature a crunchy cookie layer in the middle. Each 8″ round cake is decorated on top, serves approximately 16-20 people and are $27.00 a piece. Please call 419-423-3221 ext. 201 if you are interested in a specialized cake.


PUNCH* – Available in the following:

  • red (flavored with strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and orange)
  • pink (flavored with strawberry, raspberry, pineapple and orange and ice cream mix)
  • orange (flavored with orange, pineapple, lemon and ice cream mix)
  • yellow (flavored with lemon, orange, pineapple and ice cream mix)
  • green (flavored with lime, lemon, orange, pineapple and ice cream mix)

Our punch comes ready-made or in a frozen concentrate form. Each gallon makes twenty-five 5 oz. servings. Punch concentrate is carried on-hand, but ready-made punch must be pre-ordered. Punch concentrate costs $5.50/container and ready-made punch costs $5.75/gallon.

*Personalized ice cream slices, nut rolls, boxes of sundaes, ice cream balls or punch should be ordered at least a week in advance and can be picked up at either of our stores.