chocolate storage

choco_ballsTo fully enjoy your Dietsch Brothers chocolate we recommend that you keep your chocolates in a cool (65-70° F) and dry (less than 50% humidity) environment. It is not recommended that you refrigerate or freeze chocolate. In a refrigerator, the temperature is too low and humidity is too high. It is best to store chocolates away from direct sunlight and from products with strong odors since chocolate can absorb odors.

Chocolate should have a smooth, shiny appearance. When chocolate is stored in an
environment that is too warm, greyish-white streaks or dots may appear on the surface of the chocolate, called fat bloom. This occurs when chocolate starts to melt and the cocoa butter separates and starts rising to the surface of the chocolate.

fresh_chocolateOn the other hand, when chocolate is kept too cold and then brought back to room temperature, condensation can make sugar condense on the top of the product, forming a rough surface, called sugar bloom and your chocolate may be somewhat sticky.


Don’t worry, you don’t have to discard your chocolates if they bloom. Bloomed chocolate can still be eaten as it only minimally affects the taste and texture.