R. Davis, Cincinnati, Ohio

I live in Cincinnati and my wife and I and our daughter recently visited my son who lives and works in Findlay. He took us to your store on Tiffin Ave. I have to tell you that I have never had ice cream quite like yours before. I had two scoops sooo big that I didn’t think that I would eat it all. I did and I didn’t feel fool. I could have had more but for fear of felling like a pig I didn’t. Anyway, the ice cream is so dense and thick you have to actually chew it to swallow it. I’ve never had anything like it before. My wife and I just looked at each other as we sat there trying to eat it the way we do in Cincinnati, which is when you take a bite it melts in your mouth and there’s no need to chew. The taste exceeds anything I’ve tasted before. What a great product! Now when I’m in Findlay I know where to go for the best ice cream around. As for the candy… It’s every bit as good or maybe better than Grater’s here in Cincinnati and maybe a little less costly.