Boxed Chocolate Covered Pretzels

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By far our most popular item every year, our chocolate covered pretzels have a fresh salty pretzel center and a thick outer coating of rich chocolate. Pretzels are available in any combination of milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white frosted.

If you pick up a large (1 lb.) box of pretzels in one of our stores, we offer our traditional long style box you see shown above.  If you are ordering a large box of pretzels online, we will split it into two small (1/2 lb.) boxes and placed in a gold protective sleeve to help reduce breakage.  All boxes are still available with free gift wrap if you would like.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A
Pretzel Type

All Milk Chocolate, All White Frosted, All Dark Chocolate, Milk & White, Milk & Dark, Dark & White, Milk, White & Dark

Box Size

1/2 lb., 1 lb.

16 reviews for Boxed Chocolate Covered Pretzels

  1. Mike Jec

    I received these as a gift from a business and my family is wild about them!

  2. Sandra St. John

    These will blow away any concept you ever had about chocolate covered pretzels. Extraordinary!

  3. Anissa Watts

    I had the pleasure of tasting these delicious treats while visiting from Cincinnati. They will be my signature Christmas gift from now on. Exceptionally Delightful!

  4. Nancy Wilson

    Best thing about working during shutdown! Our auditors send a box of the half milk/dark to our accounting department every year. I work in IT, supporting accounting, so am in house the week of shutdown, when accounting is closing the year and bring out the treats! The chocolate is creamy and SMOOTH, the pretzels crisp and delicious. Perfect in every way. I have bins of homemade cookies at home, but am ordering some of these for stash.

  5. Linda Kalonick

    My son-in-law got these for me for Christmas. They are the best I have ever had.. LOVE THEM!!!!!

  6. Joyce Csengeri

    My daughter received Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Christmas gift they were wrapped so beautiful and the Pretzels was the best I ever had.

  7. Tim Whitehead

    Hand delivered to Arizona and I gotta tell you they are amazing. White chocolate is my favorite and they are just about gone.

  8. Jackie Sweeney

    Best chocolate pretzels EVER!!!!!!! Totally amazing!!!!

  9. Bryant Brown

    Came up to Findlay from Texas for business and received this as a gift. Loved both the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate and such a great sweet and salty combination. The white chocolate pretzels were Heavenly. I’ll have to order all three again just to make sure which one is my favorite, loved them all!

  10. Jonathon Jordan

    Omg!!! Amazing!!!

  11. Jer Palmer

    Absolutely the BEST item in the store! Generally I’m not a fan of white chocolate but the white chocolate pretzels are OUT OF THE WORLD. The dark and milk chocolate are great too. The pretzels used have the perfect amount of salt.
    I actually went to school across the street from the company that makes them.

  12. Joei Gust


  13. Todd Phelps

    My friend Jane, who grew up in Lima, OH, sent me the assorted pretzels and the critters and I am in LOVE with your chocolates. I rationed them so that the pleasure would last longer and now I am going to give these as gifts this Christmas. I am usually all about dark chocolate, however the milk and white chocolates were equally as delicious. Thank You so much.

  14. F Belt

    my daughter gave these to me as a gift. These are the best chocolate covered pretzels I have had. We are near esther price chocolates in Dayton but it will be worth it to have these shipped.

  15. Deb Schenk

    Best chocolate pretzels ever!!

  16. Joei Gust

    My sister in law gets these for us at Christmas time. They are wonderful! The best I have ever had and trust me, I know my chocolate. These are yummy! I’m getting them for stocking stuffers this year.

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