To fully enjoy your Dietsch Brothers chocolate we recommend that you keep your chocolates in a cool (65-70° F) and dry (less than 50% humidity) environment. It is not recommended that you refrigerate or freeze chocolate. In a refrigerator, the temperature is too low and humidity is too high. It is best to store chocolates away from direct sunlight and from products with strong odors such as coffee, candles and smoke since chocolate can absorb odors.

Chocolate should have a smooth, shiny appearance. When chocolate is stored in an environment that is too warm, greyish-white streaks or dots may appear on the surface of the chocolate, called fat bloom. This occurs when chocolate starts to melt and the cocoa butter separates and starts rising to the surface of the chocolate.

On the other hand, when chocolate is kept too cold and then brought back to room temperature, condensation can make sugar condense on the top of the product, forming a rough surface, called sugar bloom and your chocolate may be somewhat sticky.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to discard your chocolates if they bloom. Bloomed chocolate can still be eaten as it only has a very minimal affect on the taste and texture.



We recommend that you store unopened half gallons and quarts of ice cream in a non-defrosting style freezer.  Unopened containers are good for up to three months. Ice cream bars are good for up to three months and nutty cones are good for one month in your freezer.


Shelf life of our candy products varies based on the item.  Most of our products are sold within a month from the date they were made.  Under ideal conditions here is the anticipated shelf life of our most popular sweet treats:

Chocolate Covered Pretzels and Roasted Nuts 3 months
Pecan Critters and Choc. Nut Clusters 3 months
Chicago Style/Sweet and Spicy Popcorn 3 months
Sugar Free (depends on type) 3-9 months
Barks 3-4 months
Wrapped Caramels & Filled Clusters 4 months
Peanut Butter Meltaways 4 months
Brittles 4-6 months
Truffles, Toffees & Chocolate Covered Cherries 5 months
Coated Caramels (Regular & Sea Salt) 5 months
Caramel Corn (Plain, Peanut & Almond) 5 months
Coconut Clusters and Chocolate Covered Oreos 6 months
Mint Meltaways and Buckeyes 6 months
Snowballs and Nougats 10 months
Cream Filled Candies 12 months
Dipped Dog Treats 12 months
Solid Milk Chocolate Items 12 months
Solid Dark Chocolate Items 18 months