When someone asks what Findlay is known for, there are a few landmark businesses that come to mind… one of those is Dietsch Brothers. The history of Dietsch Brothers began in the late 1920’s when Edward Dietsch purchased the C.W. Wickham Candy Co. and with the help of his two younger brothers Chris and Don, opened a candy and ice cream store using their own family recipes. Unfortunately, in 1934, Edward passed away of an infection. His wife, Doris, continued the business for a couple years, but when Doris also passed away at a young age, the business was forced to close.

On December 7, 1937, Dietsch Brothers, as you know it today, opened its doors when Chris (Bud) and Don (Johnny) purchased the local Rogge Bakery Shop. Youngest brother, Roy (Snitz) helped out while finishing high school and after graduating in 1938, joined the business full time. The brothers eliminated the bakery and began producing fine chocolates and ice cream using Ed’s family recipes.



During World War II, Bud, Johnny and Snitz relied on many of their siblings and extended families to run the business while they served our country. Although times were very tough and sugar was rationed, the family was able to keep the store open until the brothers returned home safely.

Upon their return they worked long hours, often staying open until midnight to produce the finest chocolates and ice cream in town. The brothers were grateful for the help of many family members, especially in the early years. Their wives would come in during the holidays to pack candy and their children started helping out at an early age on their summer and holiday breaks.



In 1956, to house their growing business, a new store was built across the street from their original location. Several building additions later, we are at the same location in downtown Findlay — 400 West Main Cross Street.

In 1971, with the passing of Bud, Johnny and Snitz continued on and over the next few years Snitz’s three sons Rick, Jeff and Tom joined the company. Business was thriving and in 1974, a second store was opened on the east side of Findlay on Tiffin Avenue and it underwent an expansion in 2003. By 1980, the second generation was working full-time making it possible for Johnny and Snitz to retire in 1981 and 1985, respectively, although both continued to help out for several more years. In 1987, Rick, Jeff and Tom became the primary owners of Dietsch Brothers. Jeff's wife, Sherrie and Rick's wife, Nancy, also worked alongside their husbands in various roles over the years.

In 1998, Jeff’s daughter Erika joined the family business full-time. In 2012, Rick retired and moved out West with his wife.  In 2019, Tom and his wife, Jackie, both retired.  You will still see Tom at the store from time to time when he's building and fixing production equipment. In 2022, Erika's husband joined the company full time and today Dietsch Brothers is owned by Jeff and Sherrie Dietsch, Erika Dietsch-Brokamp and her husband Steve Brokamp.