Our Team

Tom Dietsch

Co-owner since 1987, Tom oversees all aspects of the candy manufacturing and packaging as well as general Main Store operations.

Jeff Dietsch

Co-owner since 1987, Jeff roasts all of the nuts used in candy and ice cream production and oversees all aspects of the Main Store operations.

Sherrie Dietsch

Office & HR Manager
Married to Jeff Dietsch, Sherrie is the Office Manager and handles accounting and human resources for the company.
419-422-4474 ext. 100

Erika Dietsch Brokamp

Wholesale & Main Store Manager
Daughter of Jeff and Sherrie Dietsch, Erika manages the wholesale division for the company and oversees retail operations at the Main Store.
419-422-4474 ext. 103

Jackie Dietsch

Office & Candy Assistant
Married to Tom Dietsch, Jackie helps with office, candy production and candy packaging operations at the Main Store.
419-422-4474 ext. 100

Connie Bowman

Main Store Shipping Manager
Since 2005, Connie has been in charge of all the shipping operations at the Main Store.  She also assists with wholesale and candy production.
419-422-4474 ext. 102

Brian Lemons

Internet Sales & East Store Manager
In 2003, Brian rejoined Dietsch Brothers as an Ice Cream Manager and handles all internet orders.
419-423-3221 ext. 202

Natalie Beall

East Store General Manager
Since 2003, Natalie has managed all of the candy retail operations of the East Store and all of the social media and internet sales for the company.
419-423-3221 ext. 203

James Schloemp

Ice Cream Manufacturing & Main Store Manager
James started working at the ice cream counter in 1983 and has been overseeing production as the Ice Cream Manufacturing Manager since 1990.

Bryan Smith

Candy Manufacturing & Main Store Manager
Bryan started learning the candy industry under Tom Dietsch in 2005, and now is in charge of candy manufacturing operations at the Main Store.
  • Carolyn Bish, Candy Department Team Member